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SFI Bible Study part 6

As I state on these posts, I hope this can be a serious study of the Christian Bible, and I only ask that those who participate try to stay away from personal-level attacks. All pertinent comments are welcome, regardless of whether you are a believer or not.

We finish looking at the interesting things in the Exodus. There's a lot more, but we shall be moving on next time.

Now I find this quite a fascinating part of the book! Moses took it on himself to cajole God out of his decision to zap all the “evil” Hebrews. His main argument appears to be mainly a matter of “What will the neighbors think?” That appears to have stopped God in his tracks. The statement Moses made about God’s promise to multiply Abraham’s descendants is a moot point, since Moses was supposed to be a descendant of those guys, and God was all ready to go with him as the new patriarch. Another interesting thing about scene is that it is repeated, word for word, in the book of Numbers!

In the second passage, we see a horrible precedent set. God orders, according to Moses, that those who are true followers should be willing to kill even their own family members in response to sins committed. According to this, those who carried out this slaughter earned the right to be considered ordained ministers, and to be called blessed!

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It's no wonder the muslims stole and rewrote the OT for themselves. This is the same kind of thing they still like to do today.

It seems to be a recurring theme in the bible to abandon one's biological family and serve "god" and no one else. Here they go so far as to kill their own family members just because they were told to. We all know how far that particular plea would get you in a court of law, don't we? "You see your honor, that guy over there said his god told me to kill everybody in my family. It wasn't my fault. It was his fault." As we are all aware of in the book of Luke, Jesus himself says to follow him you must hate your family. Where's all the love at here??

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